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200 Level

201 United States Politics (SSC, u)
Theoretical introduction to American institutions, political doctrines, and ideology as these affect the course of politics and public policy in the United States.

Career Paths: Government and Public Sector

203 State and Local Government (SSC, u)
Compares political behavior, governmental institutions, and public policies in American states; special attention given to Oregon.

Career Paths: Government and Public Sector

204 Introduction to Comparative Politics (SSC, m)
Major concepts and approaches in the study of comparative government and politics.

Career Paths: Global Studies ; Government and Public Sector

205 Introduction to International Relations (SSC, i)
Introduction to theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of world politics.

Career Paths: Global Studies

208 Introduction to the Tradition of Political Theory (SSC, t)
Selected issues in political theory such as political obligation, rationality, diversity, and relativism. Covers contemporary and classical theories.

Career Paths: Ethics, Identity, and Society ; Government and Public Sector

225 Political Ideologies (SSC, t)
Origins, functions, and political implications of several ideologies such as liberalism, fascism, communism, feminism, environmentalism, and nationalism.

Career Paths: Ethics, Identity, and Society ; Politics and Business ; Politics, Law, and Justice

230 Introduction to Urban Politics (SSC, AC, u)
Conflict in cities; power structures; protest movements and political participation; urban political institutions; critiques of urban politics; black politics.

Career Paths: Government and Public Sector

260 Public Policy and Democracy (SSC, u)
Explores how American political ideals, interests, institutions, and history shape public policy, focusing on issues such as education, immigration, welfare, and civil liberties.

Career Paths: Government and Public Sector ; Policy Action and Analysis

275 Legal Process (SSC, u)
Overview of the United States legal system. Covers a range of sociolegal writing and provides a context for the legal system under which the U.S. operates.

Career Paths: Politics, Law, and Justice

297 Introduction to Environmental Politics (u)
United States environmental policy and alternative environmental political futures.

Career Paths: Policy Action and Analysis ; Politics, Law, and Justice

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