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200 Level

201 United States Politics (SSC)
Theoretical introduction to American institutions, political doctrines, and ideology as these affect the course of politics and public policy in the United States.

Gateway Course for Career Path: Public Policy and Political Action

205 Introduction to International Relations (SSC)
Introduction to theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of world politics.

Gateway Course for Career Path:Global Engagement

PS 206 Ethics, Identity, and Power (SSC)
The course examines political power and ethical ideas about its use, with a focus on race, gender, religion, class, and other forms of social differentiation.

Gateway Course for Career Path: Ethics, Identity, and Society

PS 210 Politics of Business (SSC)
Introduces the political science subfield of political economy, which studies the relationship between concepts like the market and the state, capitalism and democracy, politics and the economy. The American political economy is examined from both a historical and an international perspective.

Gateway Course for Career Path: Politics of Business

275 Legal Process (SSC)
Overview of the United States legal system. Covers a range of sociolegal writing and provides a context for the legal system under which the U.S. operates.

Gateway Course for Career Path: Politics, Law and Justice

297 Introduction to Environmental Politics
United States environmental policy and alternative environmental political futures.

Gateway Course for Career Path: Sustainability, Development, and Social Action

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