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How Trump Will Roll Back Obama’s Progress on Gay Rights: Alison Gash Writes for the Washington Monthly!

Associate professor of political science, Alison Gash, has written an article in the Washington Monthly regarding the future of federal support for LGBTQ individuals and families after significant strides in gay rights history during the Obama Administration. Follow the link to read the full article!

“How Trump Will Roll Back Obama’s Progress on Gay Rights”

In this article, Professor Gash discusses the supportive foundation set by the Obama Administration against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and how future laws may affect the extensive progress that has been achieved in recent years.

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Alison Gash is the author of Below the Radar: How Silence Can Save Civil Rights (Oxford University Press, 2015). Her work on LGBTQ rights has also appeared in Politico, Newsweek, Slate, Huffington Post and The Conversation. She is an Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Oregon.

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