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Post-Obama America: A UO Political Science Roundtable

Join us on Tuesday, April 25 from 4:00-5:00 pm in Allen 221 where five UO political scientists will discuss the opportunities and challenges on the political horizon in the wake of the Obama administration!

Post-Obama America: Legacies, Challenges and Crisis

This roundtable session brings together five UO political scientists to discuss the challenges, possibilities and crises marking the political landscape in the aftermath of the Obama presidency. Examining areas as diverse as immigration, the presidency, populism, anti-poverty policy, racial justice, Brexit and the EU, the speakers will consider both the contested legacies of the Obama administration and the trajectories of these issues under the new administration. The event comes eight years after Cascade Magazine (published by the College of Arts and Sciences) organized this feature, titled, “Obama’s Promise Meets Reality”, that brought together UO political scientists to assess the promises and challenges of the new Obama administration.

Moderated by Carol Stabile, Interim Divisional Dean for Social Sciences 


  • Alison Gash, Associate Professor of Political Science
    • Constitutional law and the future of civil rights advocacy
  • Joseph Lowndes, Associate Professor of Political Science
    • Last stand for the white race?
  • Craig Parsons, Professor of Political Science
    • Brexit and the rising tide of national populism
  • Daniel Tichenor, Knight Chair of Social Science
    • Presidential power and American governance
  • Priscilla Yamin, Associate Professor of Political Science
    • The politics of gender and family

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