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Books-In-Print: Professor Kauffman Talks About His New Book!

Consider attending the OHC’s Books-In-Print: Faculty Author Series, featuring PS assistant professor, Craig Kauffmanabout his new book at Noon on Friday, April 28 in the OHC Conference Room, PLC 159!

Grassroots Global Governance: Local Watershed Management Experiments and the Evolution of Sustainable Development

Book Description: When international agreements fail to solve global problems, like climate change, transnational networks attempt to address them by applying global best practices, like Integrated Watershed Management, locally around the world. Grassroots Global Governance uses nodal governance theory to explain why some efforts succeed and others fail, but also why the process of implementing global ideas locally causes them to evolve. By guiding the way global ideas evolve through local experimentation, grassroots actors reshape international actors’ discourse, organizing, and the strategies they pursue globally. This makes them grassroots global governors.

To demonstrate this, the book compares transnational efforts to implement local Integrated Watershed Management programs across Ecuador and show how local experiments altered the global debate over how to conceptualize and implement sustainable development. In doing so, the book reveals the grassroots level as a terrain where global governance is constructed.

About the Author: Craig Kauffman is an assistant professor of political science at the University of Oregon and author of “Grassroots Global Governance: Local Watershed Management Experiments and the Evolution of Sustainable Development”. He is an Oregon expert in environmental politics, climate change policy, sustainable development and environmental law.

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