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Professor Lowndes – Tykeson Teaching Award

The College of Arts and Sciences honors the exceptional teaching of Associate Professor Joe Lowndes.

On January 23, 2019, members of CAS and Political Science surprised Lowndes and his students by dropping into his class to present him with the Tykeson Teaching Award. The award recognizes exceptional faculty who have demonstrated excellence in breadth and scope of teaching.

Philip Scher, Divisional Dean for the Social Science, presented the award and read the following excerpt from the award nomination:

“Joe makes outstanding contributions to the department by teaching classes across all levels, from introductory courses to upper-division classes to graduate seminars. His classes fill up quickly, and his evaluations make it easy to see why: his quantitative scores have exceeded the department mean in every regular undergraduate course he has ever offered, including very high scores in introductory courses where high evaluations are especially hard to be pull off. His qualitative evaluations routinely include testimonies to his inspiring lecturing, like the “best teacher I ever had,” “best lecturer I’ve ever seen,” and so on.

Perhaps Joe’s greatest strength is his ability to reach a wide range of students and them to think critically about politics. His qualitative evaluations often testify to his success at teaching about fraught political issues in an inclusive and engaging way, making students with a wide range of political views and from a wide range of backgrounds feel comfortable and engaged in his courses. Recent evaluations also include several specific mentions from students who say that he inspired them to major in Political Science.”

Congratulations, Professor Lowndes – and thank you for all you do for the university and our students!


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