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Alumni Spotlight: Brooke Goggans

Brooke Goggans has long experience working at the intersection of government and communications. After work in Washington, D.C., Boston, and Austin, she became the co-founder of Mosaic Strategy Partners, a Fort Worth-based Public Affairs and Strategic Communications firm. Mosaic creates targeted political and communications strategies using proprietary software to track data on issues, constituencies and legislation.

Brooke grew up in Sacramento, CA and was attracted to UO by its Nike connections in sports business. But she had always been interested in politics, and only got fired up as a student once a friend asked her, “If politics is your passion, why are you majoring in business?” After switching majors she interned in Salem, worked with various advocacy groups in Eugene and Portland and then interned in Washington D.C. with Senator Gordon Smith. “It was the Senate internship that changed the trajectory of my life,” she says. “I learned that politics doesn’t have to be solely candidate-campaign work. There were hundreds of related careers where I could channel my passions to build a rewarding career.”

“My degree trained me to be a critical thinker,” she adds, and gave her a full suite of skills to handle work in strategic communications:  “There are a lot of people who can talk but can’t put a pen to paper and create the ‘product,’ can’t develop, write and present the strategy. This is the golden ticket—the combination of agency, work ethic and capabilities.”

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