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PS Professor and PhD Candidate Co-Write a Chapter in the Cambridge Critical Guide

Professor of political science Deborah Baumgold & PhD candidate Ryan Harding co-authored a chapter in the Cambridge Critical Guide volume for Thomas Hobbes’ On the Citizen.

“Excavating On the Citizen”

The volume can be found here:

Ryan Harding is a doctoral student writing a dissertation on the political philosophy of Thomas Hobbes; Deborah Baumgold, a professor emerita, has long worked in that field and is his dissertation advisor. They have recently published a jointly written chapter in an edited volume devoted to understanding one of Hobbes’s major works, On the Citizen. The volume, titled Hobbes’s On the Citizen: A Critical Guide and edited by Robin Douglass and Johan Olsthoorn, is published by Cambridge University Press. This is the first volume ever to be entirely devoted to this major Hobbes text and is, as the title indicates, intended to give students and scholars a critical understanding of the work.

Baumgold and Harding were invited to present an initial version of the chapter at the Second Biennial Conference of the European Hobbes Society, which was held in Amsterdam in spring, 2018. Harding’s travel to the conference was supported by a  Special “Opps” Travel and Research Award from the Graduate School and Global Studies Institute. Together, Baumgold and Harding were the lead-off presenters at the conference, in front of an audience of scholars from across Europe and as far away as New Zealand. Comments from the audience informed their revisions and they learned more about the subject from other papers on the same text by Hobbes.

Ryan is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Hobbes Society. Plans are underway for the Third Biennial Conference to be held in Croatia, in 2020.

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