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Presidential Power over Nuclear Weapons Use

Consider attending the following event:

Presidential Power over Nuclear Weapons Use: Constitutional War Powers & the New U.S. Plan to Defend Taiwan

Featuring Associate Professor of Political Science Jane Cramer & Professor of Law Ofer Raban

Monday, March 9th at 5:30 pm

Knight Law Center, Room 175

President Donald Trump has made nuclear threats of “fire and fury” and more while in office, especially against North Korea and Iran. This has brought new attention by Congress members and others to the fact that the U.S. President has “sole authority” to launch nuclear weapons, and the ability to exercise this sole authority in under 10 minutes. Recent public opinion polling shows that most people believe it is necessary for the president to have possession of a “nuclear button” in order to protect the USA. Most experts disagree. Further, most likely it should be considered unconstitutional for the president to retain this power. This issue has increasing importance as the U.S. military is newly planning and building the capability to “fight and win” a limited nuclear war with China (especially to defend Taiwan.) Dr. Jane Cramer will be explaining and discussing the president’s control over nuclear weapons and the new U.S. nuclear war plans, and Constitutional Law Professor Ofer Raban will be offering comments on the constitutionality of presidential control of nuclear weapons.


Hosted by the American Constitution Society of the Knight Law School.

Open to students, faculty and the public.

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