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600 Level

602 Supervised College Teaching (1 credit)

607 Seminar: [Topic]
Offerings vary from year to year. R when topic changes.

608 Workshop: Professional Development (1 credit; R)

612 Qualitative Methods
Survey of rationales for qualitative methods in the social sciences and the main conceptual and practical issues raised in qualitative research. Offered alternate years.

617 Political Behavior 
Provides an overview of the important literature in the subfield of political behavior in U.S. politics.

618 American Political Institutions 
One of three required seminars for PhD students planning to take a comprehensive examination in American politics. Explores how political science approaches the study of institutional contributions to political and policy developments.

619 United States Political Culture 
In this course we examine the different ways that scholars study the relationship between politics and culture, and then focus on the United States as our case.

620 State of the Discipline
Introduction to trends in the political science profession and to the faculty at the University of Oregon.

622 Political Theory
Survey of major works in the field of classical and contemporary political theory.

624 International Relations
Survey of major works in the field of international relations.

625 Public Policy
Survey of major works in the field of public policy.

626 International Political Economy
One of two required seminars for PhD students planning to take a comprehensive examination in international relations. Explores how politics and economics interact in shaping economic relations among states.

627 Formal Theory and Methodology
Reviews basic formal theory as developed in political science since 1957.

628 States and State-Society Relations
Examines how scholars have studies the state and its relationship to society. Students develop a comparative perspective of contentious politics ranging from peasant rebellions to revolutions to transnational social movements.

629 Comparative Political Economy
Doctoral-level survey of how political factors explain variations in national or regional trajectories of economic development, including industrialization, wealth, growth, and inequality.

630 States and Regimes
Introduction to the major issues, theories, concepts, and arguments about states and regimes in comparative politics.

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