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How Trump Will Roll Back Obama’s Progress on Gay Rights: Alison Gash Writes for the Washington Monthly!

Associate professor of political science, Alison Gash, has written an article in the Washington Monthly regarding the future of federal support for LGBTQ individuals and families after significant strides in gay rights history during the Obama Administration. Follow the link to read the full ...

Hundreds March in Honor of MLK: Professor Jane Cramer in The Daily Emerald!

Hundreds walked in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. with the Eugene-Springfield NAACP’s 30th annual MLK Community March this past Monday – including PS Associate Professor Jane Cramer!

“Hundreds March in Honor of MLK”

“When young people get out and march…they ...

Vietnam’s Communist Revolution: Professor Tuong Vu Publishes His New Book!

The Department of Political Science is excited to announce the publication of Professor Tuong Vu’s new book  Congratulations Professor Vu – follow the link below to learn more! Vietnam’s Communist Revolution: The Power and Limits of Ideology” OverviewBy ...

Trump, Twitter and the Authoritarian Presidency: Professor Lowndes in the Huffington Post!

The Political Science department’s own Professor Joe Lowndes has written an article for the Huffington Post comparing the use of media between the Trump campaign and the Nixon administration. Follow the link below to read the article in full!

“Trump, Twitter and the Authoritarian


Populism v. Nationalism: OPB’s ‘Think Out Loud’ featuring Professor Daniel Tichenor

Professor of Political Science, Dan Tichenor, has participated in OPB’s Think Out Loud radio program, “Populism v Nationalism”. Follow the link below and listen to the talk in full!

“Populism v. Nationalism”

Populism is a term that is thrown around often, but what ...

Associate Professor Joe Lowndes Has Been Quoted on Fusion Network!

UO’s own Associate Professor of Political Science, Joe Lowndes, has been quoted in an article on Fusion Network in regards to the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election! “So What Happens Now That Their Man Is In The White House?” Professor Lowndes discusses the possible ...

The Conversation We Are Not Having: Professor Alison Gash Writes for the Washington Monthly!

Alison Gash, Associate Professor of Political Science, has written an article in the Washington Monthly regarding the type of attention sexual violence has attracted during the 2016 election. The Conversation We’re Not Having About Rape” Professor Gash comments on one of ...

Election 2016: PS Professors Alison Gash and Daniel Tichenor Quoted in The Register-Guard!

Political Science Professors Alison Gash and Daniel Tichenor have been quoted in The Register-Guard regarding the 2016 presidential election!

“Some Voters Find Oregon’s Limited Influence in Presidential Election Freeing”

Professor Gash comments on the issues of gender as ...

Earthly Jurisprudence: Craig Kauffman and the United Nations Knowledge Network on Harmony with Nature

Craig Kauffman, assistant professor of political science, has been selected as one of 45 researchers from around the globe to serve on the Earth-Centered Law working group of the United Nations Knowledge Network on Harmony with NatureFollow the link below to read more in AroundtheO! ...

Making Wavelengths: Joseph Lowndes Interviewed on BBC Radio 4!

UO’s Professor of Political Science, Joseph Lowndes, has been interviewed for “The Black Panthers,” an exploration of the different dimensions of the Black Panther Party on BBC Radio 4Follow the link below to listen to the full broadcast!

“The Black Panthers”

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