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International Relations

The subfield of International Relations seeks to understand the causes and consequences of conflict and cooperation in international politics. Our four international relations faculty cover a wide range of substantive focuses, from national seucrity affairs to international environmental politics and the politics of international trade and finance.

  • Jane Cramer studies international security and U.S. foreign policy, especially the causes of threat inflation and the diversionary theory of war.
  • Ronald Mitchell works on international environmental policy, international cooperation, and international organization, with a particular emphasis on climate change and the influence of international environmental treaties.
  • Lars Skalnes specializes in how power politics shapes international trade.
  • Yeling Tan works on Chinese politics and international political economy.

Recent or current PhDs from the department have studied such diverse topics as the emergence of international norms in security affairs, the attack on Iraq in 2003, the spread of nuclear weapons, international agenda setting, and the role of gender in ethnic conflict.

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