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U.S. Politics

Our U.S. Politics subfield is especially strong in American political development, immigration, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, public law, and elections. Several faculty take a historical perspective on U.S. politics and focus on culture and institutions.

  • Gerald Berk works on American political and economic development, institutional theory, business regulation, and defense and social policy.
  • Alison Gash specializes in public law and social policy with focuses on LGBT rights, civil rights, and gender issues.
  • Joseph Lowndes researches political identity and political movements in the U.S. context around themes of race, conservatism and populism.
  • Priscilla Southwell works on political parties and elections in the U.S. and Europe, with recent work on gender parity and neo-populist parties.
  • Debra Thompson studies racial politics in the US, the UK and Canada and in comparative historical perspective.
  • Dan Tichenor researches the U.S. presidency, social movements, parties and interest groups, and immigration politics and policy.
  • Priscilla Yamin researches gender, race and sexuality, in particular the political development of marriage and the family.

Recent or current PhDs have written on topics like the media and third-party presidential candidates, school desegregation, electoral reform in San Francisco, anti-immigrant initiatives in California, wartime presidents and social policy, and cooperative movements during the Great Depression.

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