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The majority of funding for our graduate students is offered in the form of graduate employee (GE) appointments. These appointments include a tuition waiver, competitive salary, and excellent health insurance benefits and are based on merit, not financial need.

Serving as a GE not only enhances the graduate experience and provides the student with professional development opportunities, but integrates the graduate student more fully into the university community. GEs are central to the University of Oregon’s academic mission and perform work that is central to the department’s goals. GEs in Political Science are assigned to work with instructors in the classroom, hold discussion sections, assist with grading, and/or provide assistance with faculty research.

New students must indicate their desire for a GE appointment on the online graduate application (no additional forms are needed). Review of applications will begin after the January 10th deadline. The department makes every effort to offer GE appointment to new students by March 15th.

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the University and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation (GTFF) governs the relationship between GEs and the University as a whole. The department’s General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) details the specific relationship between GEs and the Department of Political Science.

Current Political Science graduate students can view information about GE workspace, responsibilities, and office procedures in the Graduate Student Manual. 

Additional Departmental Funding Opportunities

Other Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

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