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IE3/OINT 488 Contract

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Be sure to indicate if your IE3 program will span multiple terms.
Eligibility: a) Be a Political Science major with a 3.0 GPA overall and in the major b) Have achieved Junior standing or have completed six courses in Political Science *Your eligibility will be confirmed by the department prior to your authorization to register
Please do not submit this form prior to contacting the PS Faculty Coordinator.

IE3 Program Description

Credits & Formal Requirements

1. Students should have a well-developed plan of study with a clear objective that relates to their overall academic program. Formal requirements cannot include work from another course.
2. Generally, for each credit earned the student will need to read a book relevant to the internship.
2. To receive 4 political science credits, the student must complete the readings and write a 20-page paper.
3. For each credit above 4, add readings and 5 pages to the length of the paper.
4. The student is responsible for writing a well-researched paper with a bibliography. The paper should be thought of as an independent research project based in part on field-work. The IE3 paper should include the following:
• Background of organization (1-2 pages)
• Presentation and Analysis of the Internship Experience. This section should compromise the majority of the paper. Please describe in detail the type of work you performed as an intern.
• Evaluation of Internship Experience (1-2 pages).
• Appendix: Attach examples of any materials relevant to your internship. (This section does not count toward the 20-page minimum).

Student Agreement and Signature

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