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Political Science supports your career goals by offering credit for internships related to political science that help you explore and prepare for the job market.

PS Internship Coordinators:

  • For internship programs during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer terms, contact: Lars Skalnes

PS 404 Internship

Internships are valuable experiences that can enhance your academic training and career trajectory. Eligible PS Majors can receive two credits for an approved internship.

First, review the Internship Procedure and Guidelines.

Next, identify an internship that you would like to apply to the major. Internship opportunities may be found through the UO Career Center, posts on PS Facebook, and on Vorpal Sword, our Canvas resource for declared PS majors.

After you have the internship lined up, complete the PS 404 Internship Proposal & Authorization to Register prior to registration deadlines and the beginning the internship.

Please be aware that to receive approval of an internship for academic credit you will need to explain how this opportunity is an internship, not a regular job. The difference is that an internship is intended to give you training, supervision, and experiences that help you understand the associated career path that extend beyond this particular work experience.

Internship Procedure and Guidelines

PS 404 Internship Proposal & Authorization to Register

IE3 Internships

IE3 Global provides internships at over 100 different organizations in 50 countries. Consult GEO & IE3 to select a program.

Students interested in participating in an IE3 Internship will work with GEO and the PS Internship Coordinator to determine if credits are eligible for UO Political Science credit. Students must submit the PS IE3 Contract before the IE3 program begins.

First, review the IE3 Internship Guidelines and Procedures

Once you have selected a program and consulted with the PS Internship Coordinator, submit the IE3/IOINT 488 Contract before your program begins.

Questions or concerns? Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for assistance at or (541) 346-4864.


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