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Participating Faculty

Politics, Culture, and Identity Graduate Specialization participating faculty maintain interests in the convergence of culture, identity and politics–interdisciplinary work that locates cultural production in its political contexts; pays close attention to narrative; discourse, and identity; engages race, gender, disability, sexuality, indigeneity and nationhood; and uses the methods of cultural studies to interpret political events.

Erin Beck, Political Science

Lara Bovilsky, English

Kirby Brown, English

Anita Chari, Political Science

Tara Fickle, English

Alison Gash, Political Science

Lisa Gilman, English/Folklore

Sangita Gopal, English

Burke Hendrix, Political Science

Loren Kajikawa, School of Music & Dance

Craig Kauffman, Political Science

Joseph Lowndes, Political Science

Sharon Luk, English

Quinn Miller, English

Jeff Ostler, History

Priscilla Ovalle, English

Bish Sen, School of Journalism & Communications

Courtney Thorsson, English

David Vazquez, English

Tuong Vu, Political Science

Sarah Wald, English/Environmental Studies

Julie Weise, History

Elizabeth Wheeler, English

Priscilla Yamin, Political Science


Updated – Summer 2017








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