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Public Policy and Political Action Career Path

Interested in a career in local, state or D.C. government, whether engaged in party politics or working on public policy for local, regional, national or international agencies? The Public Policy and Political Action career path offers you expertise in governing institutions and political processes, preparing you to make your own contribution to the public good.

PS Majors may be awarded up to two Career Path Certificates of Completion upon graduation. For a Certificate of Completion, a student must complete the Career Path gateway course and four upper division course from the path course list. Find details at


Success stories: where PS degrees have taken our alums

Alumni_DavisMatthew Davis, Director of Civic Engagement, League of Conservation Voters

As the Director of Civic Engagement for the League of Conservation Voters, Davis works to increase voting by people often overlooked by political campaigns. The job requires mining vast amounts of voter data, developing registration programs and designing sophisticated computer models to predict voter turnout.

“Communities of color, young people, unmarried women—it used to be campaigns didn’t use money to engage them because they didn’t think it was worth it,” Davis said. “Today, there’s more awareness these communities deserve a voice in the political process and make a difference in deciding Election Day.”

Statistics, regression analysis and number crunching are the new weapons in campaigning. Davis was schooled heavily in them while earning bachelor’s degrees in political science and economics at UO in 2014.

In a political science course on political methodology, he learned how to apply statistical methods to politics, using data to find and target voters who had been overlooked. An economics course on econometrics helped him measure and predict the effectiveness of campaign messages, strategies and funding.

Davis used the political science department’s flexible internship program to take several semesters off to work for a variety of Democratic campaigns. Under the program, he gained valuable real-life experience—and also college credit, for writing a 30-page paper explaining what the experience taught him about political science.

Davis’ day-to-day work is a blur of email, conference calls and collaboration with partners to design programs to get out the vote. Based in the national nonprofit’s D.C. office, Davis runs voter registration campaigns in 20 states, collaborating with partners across his region. They run computer programs to predict how effective their campaigns will be with certain groups and whether their efforts will be worth the expense in terms of voter turnout.

alumni_gabrielsonCarly Gabrielson, Campaign Manager, Congressman Peter DeFazio

Carly Gabrielson started working for Congressman Peter DeFazio as an intern while at UO, and worked her way up to the position of Campaign Manager for the 2014 and 2016 campaigns. She reports that it is exciting work: “Managing a campaign is a dynamic job and requires a wide range of skills: working with community coalition partners; events, fundraising, and budget management; working within, and adhering to, immediate and longer-term deadlines, such as Election Day; working with a diverse network of supporters and volunteers; and a general ability to make swift decisions and utilize resources in a pragmatic manner.”

Carly grew up in Hawaii and then moved to Eugene before college. She first attended Lane Community College and received an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree to shift to UO. Interested in current events and politics from a young age, she knew she wanted to major in political science and get involved in electoral politics. Pointing to the influence of Professors Deborah Baumgold, John Davidson, Jane Cramer, Daniel HoSang, and Alison Gash, she writes, “The diverse course of study at the University of Oregon expanded my awareness of the direct impact that the role of the federal government has in the lives of individuals, positive and negative. Through internships, I was able to build community connections and develop applicable job skills.” Her degree in political science at UO led smoothly into a local campaign internship, to work with Rep. DeFazio at the U.S. House of Representatives, to running his campaigns today.

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