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Summer Session


Campus Courses; Session 1 (June 25 – July 20)

PS 470 Constitutional Law (4 credits; u) (MTWR 1000 – 1150); CRN: 42170; Syllabus
Surveys how the U.S. Constitution works as a structure for government. Addresses how the federal courts interact within the U.S. system of government. Instructor Steinmetz

Online Courses  Session 1 (June 25 – July 20)

PS 201 United States Politics (4 credits; SSC, u); CRN: 42162; Syllabus
Theoretical introduction to American institutions, political doctrines, and ideology as these affect the course of politics and public policy in the United States. Professor Southwell

PS 204 Intro to Comparative Politics (4 credits; SSC, m); CRN: 41832; Syllabus
Introduction to major concepts and approaches in the study of comparative government and politics. Assistant Professor Kauffman

Online Courses Session 2 (July 23 – August 17)

PS 199 Ethics, Identity, Resistance (4 credits; t); CRN: 42168; Syllabus
In this course we will survey a series of concepts in political theory in order to illuminate key dimensions of social and political reality in the society in which we live. Those four concepts are: capitalism, gender, race and incarceration. Associate Professor Chari

PS 205 Intro International Relations (4 credits; SSC, i); CRN: 42167; Syllabus
Introduction to theoretical and methodological tools for the analysis of world politics. Associate Professor Cramer

PS 399 Music and Politics (4 credits; t); CRN: 41839; Syllabus
Examines how the music of any and every kind is involved in the production of subjectivity. Our interest here is in the “micropolitics” of music. Various musical styles and historical periods will be examined. Associate Professor Chari

Online Courses Session 3 (August 20 – September 14)

PS 275 Legal Process (4 credits; SSC, u); CRN: 41833; Syllabus
Overview of the United States legal system. Covers a range of sociolegal writing and provides a context for the legal system under which the U.S. operates. Associate Professor Gash

PS 330 Governments and Politics in Latin America (4 credits; SSC, IC, m); CRN: 42169; Syllabus
Social, political, and economic developments in Latin America; causes and consequences of revolutions, democratization, economic politics; examples from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, Guatemala, Venezuela. Offered alternate years. Previously offered as PS 463, cannot receive credit for both. Assistant Professor Beck

Online Courses Sessions 1 – 2 (June 25 – August 17)

PS 350 Politics and Film (4 credits; u); CRN: 41836; Syllabus
Examines the political relevance of films and their role as a medium for illustrating, defending, and challenging political ideas. Professor Southwell

PS 399 Political Conspiracy (4 credits; t); CRN: 41838; Syllabus
This course investigates political conspiracies and conspiratorial thinking both historically and theoretically. Most of the readings will be historical works of political theory and recent political science scholarship on conspiracies and conspiratorial political culture. Media and film will be included in course content. Units on specific conspiracies will include the JFK assassination, 9/11, and contemporary conspiratorial politics on the American right. Instructor Steinmetz

Courses approved to satisfy the university’s group-satisfying and/or multicultural requirements have been designated with the corresponding group requirement code:

  • Arts and Letters (A&L)
  • Social Science (SSC)
  • Science (SC)
  • American Cultures (AC)
  • Identity, Pluralism, and Tolerance (IP)
  • International Cultures (IC)

Courses that count toward a PS subfield requirement are noted with the corresponding subfield code.

  • Comparative Politics (m)
  • International Relations (i)
  • Political Theory (t)
  • US Politics (u)

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