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Forms – Administrative

Incomplete Grade Contract

An incomplete may be issued when the quality of work is satisfactory, but some minor yet essential requirement has not been completed, for reasons acceptable to the instructor. Instructors are not required to permit incomplete grades. The student is responsible for negotiating and satisfying the terms of this contract with the faculty member, including a deadline for completion and alternative grade. Submit contracts to the department office in PLC 936. See UO Incomplete Policy.

Undergraduate Exception Request

Students may submit this form to request an exception to a program rule/requirement or to seek an exception for credits that did not automatically transfer to satisfy PS requirements. If applicable, a student may ask for an endorsement from a PS faculty member. Requests will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Advisor and the Department Head. Supporting documentation must be included, if applicable (syllabi, etc.). Submit requests to the department office in PLC 936.

Override Request – Authorization to Register

A request may be submitted for an enrollment, restriction, and/or prerequisite override. It is highly advised that the student discuss the override request with the instructor prior to submitting this form. Once the form is received, the instructor will be contacted for approval. The student will be notified by the Undergraduate Coordinator regarding the request and registration instructions.

Override Requests CANNOT be processed unit after Waitlisting is turned off at Noon, Wednesday of Week 1.

The last day to add a class is Sunday of Week 1. Priority processing for overrides will end at 4 p.m., Thursday of Week 1.

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