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Independent Research & Reading

Are you interested in working with a Political Science faculty member on an independent reading or research project?

PS 401 Research and PS 405 Reading are self-directed, individualized study courses designed to allow students the opportunity to explore an area of interest outside of the courses offered through the department. Students are responsible for finding a faculty advisor, arranging the details of their required work, and meeting all deadlines established in theĀ approved PS 401/405 Contract. After the contract is submitted and approved, the student will be authorized to register.

Guidelines and Procedures

PS 401/405 Contract

Please note: Students should submit the Contract at least 48 business hours prior to the registration deadline. PS 401 and 405 credits count toward upper-division and total credit requirements; not political theory, career paths, or 400 level course requirements. Additionally, although PS 401 and 405 may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis, no more than 4 Pass/No Pass credits overall may be counted toward the political science major.

Interested in learning more? Discuss academic plans with anĀ Academic Advisor or review Major requirements!

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