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Internships, IE3 & Study Abroad

Would you like to receive Political Science credit for an internship, study abroad, or field studies program?

Students participating in an internship, IE3, or field studies program may be approved to count up to 10 credits from Field studies (PS 406) or Overseas Studies: Internship (OINT 488) toward their Political Science major. Students must submit the appropriate online contract prior to the start of their program.

Internship Coordinator

Once you have decided upon an internship or field study, you must contact the department’s Internship Coordinator who will act as the supervising faculty member for the course.

Professor Craig Parsons is the PS Internship Coordinator.

Please contact the Professor Parsons before submitting a contract for credit.

PS 406: Internships/Field Studies

The first step is to identify an internship or field study program you would like to apply to the major. Internship opportunities may be found through the UO Career Center or on the department’s Facebook. Additional resources for job and internship opportunities are available through Vorpal Sword, our canvass resource for declared PS majors!

Students must submit the PS 406 Contract for department approval before the internship/field studies program begins.

PS 406 Internships/Field Studies Guidelines and Procedures

PS 406 Contract

UO Study Abroad and IE3 – Global Internship Programs

GEO (Global Education Oregon) is a national study abroad program provider. With more than 250 programs in 90 countries, the kind of global experience you’re looking for is within reach. Consult GEO  and  IE3 to find a program and determine if any of the coursework will count toward your Political Science degree.

Students participating in a study abroad program will work with GEO and the UO Study Abroad office to determine if credits are eligible for UO Political Science credit.

Students interested in participating in an IE3 Internship will work with GEO and the PS Internship Coordinator to determine if credits are eligible for UO Political Science credit. Students must submit the PS IE3 Contract before the IE3 program begins.

IE3 Internship Guidelines and Procedures

IE3/IOINT 488 Contract

Questions or concerns? Contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for assistance at or (541) 346-4864.

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