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The minor in Political Science requires 24 credits including 16 upper-division credits. All 24 credits must be taken for letter grades and passed with grades of C- or better. Only 6 of these credits may be in Research (PS 401), Reading (PS 405), and Workshop (PS 408). Up to 8 credits may be transferred from another institution.

Declare the PS Minor

The following credits do not count toward the minor: PS 403 (Thesis), PS 404 (Internship), PS 409 (Practicum), PS 411 (Honors Thesis Prospectus), and OINT: 488 (Overseas Studies: Internships).

The minor in Political Science does not have a subfield requirement.

Looking to learn more? Discuss academic plans with an Advisor.

Dropping the minor? We are sad to see you go! Declaration Form


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