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UO Alexander Hamilton Society and Political Science Presents:

Containment vs Direct Engagement: Should the US invade Syria?

Please join us for a vigorous foreign policy debate featuring Professor Jane Cramer on February 16th at 6pm in Lillis 282.

Professor Cramer will face off against Colonel Peter Mansoor on the issue of whether or not the US should use “boots on the ground” in a land invasion of Syria.

Colonel Mansoor served as a brigade commander during the 2003 Iraq invasion and later served as General Petraeus’ executive officer during the 2007-2008 Surge. Dr. Mansoor is a firm believer that the United States military can (and



Professor Beck Awarded CAS Program Grant

“Helping Faculty and Graduate Students Thrive in Academia”

CSWS’ Americas Research Group, which brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to discuss issues of  gender in the Americas, recently discovered that many women and scholars of color feel under-supported in the practical areas of their jobs.  Amidst the numerous, often exciting scholarly events held on campus, they note that very few are dedicated to helping faculty and graduate students (especially under-represented faculty and graduate) survive and thrive in the various aspects of their work.  The


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