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Event_African Lectures W15

African Studies Lecture Series; Political Economy

Winter Quarter 2015: Political Economy in Africa

Thursday, January 22, 2015. 12-1:15 pm at the Knight Library Browsing Room – Todd Pugatch. Economics. Oregon State University

“Upgrading Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from The Gambia.”

Dr. Pugatch is an Assistant Professor of Economics in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. He is also a research fellow at the Institution for the Study of Labor, and received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Michigan. His research interests include development, labor, and economics of education. In 2012-2013 he ...



NPR Interviews Dan Tichenor on Immigration

David Greene speaks with Professor Dan Tichenor on Obama’s immigration plan and paths to citizenship.

Listen to the interview on NPR’s Around the Nation, Morning Edition, November 25, 2014.



Agency plans customized curriculum to help LGBTQ parents

Assistant Professor Gash was recently quoted in the Register Guard about the important impact of parenting groups within communities:

The UO’s Gash believes the LGBTQ Parenting and Education Initiative is a grand idea.

” … One of the things we found in our research was that places that had parenting groups geared toward LGBTQ parents … those folks had a great understanding of parenting opportunities and the sort of landmines that exist.”

Read the full article HERE