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Info sessions on Wayne Morse Scholars program: October 13th and 21st

The Wayne Morse Scholars program is entering its third year and currently recruiting the next class of promising sophomores and juniors.

The Scholars program is designed for UO students across varied majors who are interested in public affairs, policy, and leadership. Students in the program have special opportunities to interact with prominent officials and scholars like Governor Kate Brown or Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Taylor Branch, to take a special seminar on “Democratic Dilemmas,” to participate in leadership training workshops, to share regular lunch meetings on diverse




Professor Tichenor Quoted in Newsweek Article

With the 2016 campaign trail heating up, immigration policy, is an explosive topic. Professor Tichenor and other distinguished academics, offer insight into immigration policies of the past and their impact on the future of immigration reform, in the Newsweek article: Fifty Years Later, the Immigration Bill That Changes America.


A father and son peer into the United States from Tijuana, Mexico. The American immigration system is deeply flawed, most agree, but how to fix it is a source of searing debate. Todd Bigelow/Aurora (Newsweek)

Professor Tichenor is the Philip H. Knight




From Wartime Presidents to the West Wing: a conversation with Dr. Strickler on his dissertation; “Between Guns and Butter”

Jeremy Strickler

Dissertation: Between Guns and Butter: Cold War Presidents, Agenda-Setting, and Visions of National Strength

Chair: Daniel Tichenor

Hometown: Tempe, Arizona

Quote: “Definitely Toby.” (… as in this guy).

Like many articulate, quick-witted, ambitious undergraduates, Jeremy Strickler entered his freshman year at Northern Arizona University with the “grand design of someday attending law school.” As a major in Criminal Justice he was preparing for a career in the legal field but one Political Science class derailed his future plans…  Jeremy