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Week of Welcome: September 24-27

Visit the Student Orientation page for details on Week of Welcome, IntroDUCKtion, campus visits, and more …

During Week of Welcome (WOW) we gear up for the new school year and welcome all our new students. To introduce students to our campus community, we host a number of activities and programs before classes begin so students can become familiar with the university’s array of resources, meet new people, and make new friends.

If you’re an international student, in addition to WOW activities, you’ll be attending International Student Orientation (ISO). Please




Professor Lowndes featured on MSNBC’s “Nerding Out”

Professor Joe Lowndes sat down with Dorian Warren, Ashley Yates, Jamil Smith and Matt Bruenig on MSNBC’s “Nerding Out” to discuss the role of different social movements in current political campaigns.

To view these segments, see “Movements in mainstream politics,” “How should politicians address racial justice?” and “Are race and class struggles separate?

AroundtheO and our Facebook page also feature Professor Lowndes and this engaging discussion.

Congratulations, Joe!



The Rights of Nature: a sneak peek at Dr. Kauffman’s field research in Ecuador

Assistant Professor Craig Kauffman is deep in the jungles of Ecuador this summer. His research in environmental politics has led him there as Ecuador is the first country to recognize legally enforceable Rights of Nature in its 2008 constitution.

So what is Dr. Kauffman doing in Ecuador? He is seeing first hand how the Rights of Nature are being upheld (or not) in the courts by documenting legal cases that invoke Ecuador’s constitutional rights to Nature. He says, “These lawsuits are at the heart of a national debate over how to pursue sustainable development. Environmental