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Burke Hendrix
Dept of Political Science

Alternative Sovereignties: Decolonization Through Indigenous Vision and Struggle

Kirby Brown; Cherokee Nation and UO Department of English

Guests at the Many Nations Longhouse were offered freshly-hunted deer, baked salmon and a very warm welcome to the three day conference on “Alternative Sovereignties” on Thursday May 8th 2014, with high-spirited panelists declaring that the University had become “INDIAN TERRITORY!” for the duration of the three day event.  The conference, co-organized by University of Oregon’s Kirby Brown (Cherokee Nation and Department of English) and the Department of Political Science’s own Burke Hendrix, author of Ownership,




Out to Change the World: Talia Davis and Hannah Picknell make the “Top 25 Ducks” List

They are activists and economists, teachers, volunteers, athletes, musicians and peace-makers.

In short, they plan to do nothing less than change the world.

Over recent years, Emerald Media Group has asked the UO community to nominate outstanding students—in Emerald’s words, “rock stars in their department or [who] have been producing amazing work in different projects and organizations.”

This list is called “25 Ducks.” They’re students and recent graduates who are out to make a difference, and it should come as no surprise that their ranks are filled with representatives from




Off to Summer Camp for Promising First Year Graduate Student!

At Oregon, we encourage our political science students to take a broad approach to the strengths they will need to develop to become successful future academics.  This summer we were delighted that several of our graduate students won places on nation-wide competitive summer programs, offering excellent supplemental training in languages and methodology. One of our promising new graduate students, Asian politics scholar, JESSICA NEAFIE (above) won a well-deserved scholarship to the prestigious Middlebury College, where she will build on her Chinese language capability.

At Middlebury,