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Sourcing the Decolonial

Consider attending the following event:

“Sourcing the Decolonial: The Coloniality of Power, Settler Colonialism, and the Critique of Imperialism”

Abraham I. Acosta, Associate Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies at the University of Arizona

Tuesday, February 25th from 12:00-1:30 pm

Knight Library Browsing Room


For more than twenty years now, the concepts of coloniality of power and settler colonialism have been pivotal in the formation and development of decolonial critiques of power. Understood as names for a cultural-political modality for establishing and sustaining


Hendrix Publishes International Collaboration

Associate Professor of Political Science Burke Hendrix has co-written a paper that was recently published in the Australian Journal of Public Administration.

In the summer of 2016, departmental funding allowed Associate Professor Burke Hendrix to travel to Australia for a month-long research trip, which resulted in a recently-published article on Australian public policy.  Hendrix’s research focuses on Indigenous peoples and their relationships with the countries now claiming authority over them.  In the United States and Canada, American Indian tribes/First Nations have many recognized


2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Interested in sharing your research or creative work? Consider participating in the 2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium – a research and presentation opportunity available to UO students.

2020 Undergraduate Research Symposium – Thursday, May 21 – EMU

The Undergraduate Symposium is the UO’s annual celebration of undergraduate research and creative scholarship. Students from every academic discipline can submit to present their research or creative work to members of UO’s community of scholars.

Abstracts for student presentations at the 2020 event are due by 11:59 pm on April ...

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