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“Elections, Referendums, Populism and the Future of Europe”

Presentation by Professor Craig Parsons, Department of Political Science

Tomorrow – May 31, 3-5pm

Knight Library Browsing Room Lecture 3pm, followed by Q&A and reception

Europe today, like the United States, is awash in nationalist populism. How it comes out in politics varies widely, though, depending on national political parties, election rules, and other institutions. Prof. Parsons will lead a discussion of the politics of British, French, Dutch, German, and other elections.

Is There a Concentration Problem in America?

Professor Gerald Berk recently participated in a conference called “Is There a Concentration Problem in American?” in late March at the Stigler Center for the Study of the Economy and the State at the University of Chicago.

Read an interview of Professor Berk at

Find information on the conference at:

Undergrads – Get Published!

OREGON UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH JOURNAL — Now accepting manuscript and art submissions!

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