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“Elections, Referendums, Populism and the Future of Europe”

Presentation by Professor Craig Parsons, Department of Political Science

Tomorrow – May 31, 3-5pm

Knight Library Browsing Room Lecture 3pm, followed by Q&A and reception

Europe today, like the United States, is awash in nationalist populism. How it comes out in politics varies widely, though, depending on national political parties, election rules, and other institutions. Prof. Parsons will lead a discussion of the politics of British, French, Dutch, German, and other elections.

Why is the U.S. Still Fighting the Civil War?

UO associate professor of political science Joseph Lowndes has been quoted by The Guardian and provides a historical perspective for their story on the white nationalist movement in the U.S. following the recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Read the full article at






Joe Lowndes is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Oregon and Oregon expert in race, conservatism, social movements and elections. Joe is the author of “From the New


Evelyn and Erin at Namaste, 2013

AroundtheO: Professor Beck, Rural Women, and Microfinance in Latin America

Study Finds Microfinance Can Help, Even if Goals Aren’t Met

Professor Beck was recently featured in Around the O.

From the article: “We can’t just think about what the projects are doing for people but should also examine what people do for projects,” Beck said. “We need to look at how policies get transformed on the ground.”

Follow the link above to read the full article!

Professor Beck has a new book, How Development Projects Persist (Duke University Press, 2017)in which she describes her findings regarding the financial strategies of poor women in rural


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