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Alumni Spotlight: Leslie Miller

Alumni_MillerLeslie Miller’s studies in political science to UO led her into global marketing, currently as Marketing Manager for Europe and the Middle East at the IT consulting company Bluewolf. “My PS career helped me prepare for my career because I had to learn how to receive and digest information and then discuss it in my own words,” she writes. “This has helped me in Public Relations, Event Planning, and Marketing because you are often taking an idea proposed by someone else and turning it into your own personal project. You need to stay on brand but be able to have your personality reflect the final project as well.”

Leslie grew up near San Francisco with Duck alumni in her family, and was “a Duck fan for as long as I can remember.” With a father who worked as a city manager in the Bay Area, she was curious about government and policy, and found that political science opened up the world of complex organizations to her. The multifaceted nature of political-science courses taught her “to adapt to all sorts of changes (whether large or small). Deadlines change, strategic plans change, information changes, and so on, but being able to move forward with these changes will allow you to be successful.”

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