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Views of Immigration: Professor Tichenor Interviewed in The Register-Guard

UO’s own Professor of Political Science, Daniel Tichenorhas been interviewed in The Register-Guard regarding his work and understanding of the American sentiment towards immigration!

NEWS_Dan_Tichenor_Closeup-700x394Professor Tichenor dissects the progression and development of American legislative behaviors surrounding immigration through study of diverse regional, political outcomes over the history of the U.S. Click the link below to read the full article!

“UO Professor: Anti-Immigrant Views Might Not Play Well With Most Americans”

Daniel J. Tichenor is the Philip H. Knight Professor of Social Science and Senior Faculty Fellow at the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics. Recent works include The Oxford Handbook of the Politics of International Migration (with Marc Rosenblum) and Debates  on U.S. Immigration (with Judy Gans and Elaine Replogle). Tichenor has testified and provided expert briefings to Congress on immigration reform and immigrant integration, speaks regularly to civic groups and policymakers, has written essays for popular journals like The Nation, and is a member of the Scholars Strategy Network

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