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More than Mentoring: Collaborations in Publication

Congratulations to UO’s own Professors of Political Science,  Priscilla Southwell and Eric Lindgren, as well as PS Graduate Student Dustin Ellis, on their to be published article “A Case Study in Left Wing Neo-Populism: The Rise of the Syriza Party in Greece.” The full article will be available in the December issue of Review of European Studies!


Although the department of political science has come to expect wonderful things from its reigning instructors, we are particularly excited about this collaborative effort between two of our faculty members and graduate student.

Dustin Ellis is currently a political science doctoral student with interests ranging from comparative politics and religion to political psychology and inequality. When asked how he came to be involved with Priscilla and Eric on the project, Ellis reminisced on a department gathering prior to the Fall 2015 term, stating, “We discovered that we share interests in parties and elections, especially as it concerns far-right movements and populism. That basically set the tone for my first year of graduate school. I tried to make everything connected to populism, and as such, wrote a paper in a class with Dr. Parsons that became a big part of the published paper.

psevnts_lindgrenIn Review of European Studies, the process of peer review is central to the journals publications. Utilizing a double-blind system, where the identity of authors and reviewers remain anonymous, papers will be evaluated by three experts: typically, two reviewers from outside and one editor from the journal. With a successful publication already in his wake, Ellis recalls the exciting and anxiety inducing experience of laboring alongside faculty mentors, saying, “Working with Eric and Priscilla was a real-world collaborative experience. There is a lot of stress and anxiety in trying to be a scholar and contributing meaningful research. Working with seasoned scholars like [them] helped quell those feelings, but of course they were replaced by the stress of trying to produce research in a timely manner.

With such an experience already in tow, what is a graduate student to do next? According to Ellis, you just keep going, “Tentatively, [we] have another collaborative paper in the works regarding UKIP. I am also working on my second year paper. Both of these projects are related and will draw on the research and experienced gathered so far. If my 2nd year paper works out, it will undoubtedly plug right into my dissertation down the road. It is a sort of relief to have a working plan that basically takes me to the end of my stay here at the UO–looking forward to it, and all the experiences along the way.

Congratulations Priscilla, Eric and Dustin – we are excited to see the world celebrate your teamwork!

The Review of European Studies is an open-access, international, double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. It prints a broad range of papers from culture, history, art, sociology, religion, politics, laws, education, psychology and economics.


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