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AroundtheO: Professor Beck, Rural Women, and Microfinance in Latin America

Study Finds Microfinance Can Help, Even if Goals Aren’t Met

Professor Beck was recently featured in Around the O.

From the article: “We can’t just think about what the projects are doing for people but should also examine what people do for projects,” Beck said. “We need to look at how policies get transformed on the ground.”

Follow the link above to read the full article!

Professor Beck has a new book, How Development Projects Persist (Duke University Press, 2017)in which she describes her findings regarding the financial strategies of poor women in rural Guatemala, how those strategies could inform policy development of the microfinance organizations that serve them, and how those organizations might reconsider the way that they measure the success of those efforts.

Evelyn and Erin at Namaste, 2013

Erin Beck is an assistant professor at the University of Oregon whose research addresses development in Latin America, especially Guatemala; gender and international development; violence against women; gender and migration.


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