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Visiting Speaker: Hugo Echeverria on Rights of Nature in Ecuador

The Department of Political Science invites you to the following event:

A Decade of Rights of Nature in Ecuador and Beyond

Hugo Echeverría, J.D.
IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law
United Nations Expert Network on Harmony with Nature

Wednesday, October 9, 4-5:00 pm, 185 Lillis Hall, University of Oregon
Event is free and open to the public

In 2008, Ecuador became the first country in the world to recognize Rights of Nature in its Constitution. Since then, the Rights of Nature has been upheld by three dozen court rulings that invoke Rights of Nature to stop mining and other destructive development projects. While a decade is not enough time for a comprehensive assessment, Hugo Echeverría will address the main features of this legal “trend”, including the difficulties of practical application; confusion between environmental rights and Rights of Nature, as well as the efforts to develop a legal theory of Rights of Nature based upon non-anthropocentric foundations. Hugo will also discuss how Ecuador’s experienced has reopened a global debate on the relationship between humans and nature, with important implications for addressing climate change through ecologically sustainable development.


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