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Antimonopoly and the Democrats

Professor of political science Gerald Berk wrote an article in Dissent Magazine regarding the resurgence of antimonopoly politics in the Democratic Party.

Democrats are waking up to the realities of economic power. Less than a decade ago, the subject was taboo. Even with the economy in ruins, Democratic leadership saw no option beyond neoliberalism. But since the 2016 primaries, a split has opened up in the party. With it has come a resurgence of antimonopoly politics that neoliberal leaders can no longer ignore.

At first blush, it looks like antimonopoly heightens the conflict between socialists committed to overcoming capitalism and establishment centrists seeking to save it from populist attacks on the left and right. But antimonopoly once contributed to mobilization, coalition building, and sustained reform across the liberal-left spectrum, and it might do so again today.

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Gerald Berk teaches political science at the University of Oregon. He is the author of Alternative Tracks: The Constitution of American Industrial Order, 1877-1916Louis Brandeis and the Making of Regulated Competition, 1900-1932; and co-editor of Political Creativity: Reconfiguring Institutional Order and Change.

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