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PhDs on the Market & Placements

2019-20 PhD Candidates

Joshua Baker
Working Dissertation: “Myths of Missile Defense: International Ambition Driven by Domestic Politics”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer
Research Interests: International Relations, Security Studies, Threat Inflation, Intelligence Politicization, Missile Defense, Foreign Policy, and Nuclear Policy

Ryan Harding
Working Dissertation: “The Method of Leviathan’s Maker: An Intertextual Study of Thomas Hobbes’s Idea and Practice of Science, c. 1640-1658″
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold
Research Interests: Thomas Hobbes, History of Political Thought, Philosophy of Social Science, human creativity, hermeneutics

Yongwoo Jeung
Working Dissertation: “Political Economy of Race in the U.S. Labor Market in the 1960s”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: American Political Development, Political Economy of Skill Formation in the United States, U.S. Labor Market Policies and Race, the De-industrialization of U.S. cities and Industrial Policies

Alberto Lioy
Working Dissertation: “Electoral Revolutions: A Comparative Study of Rapid Changes in Voter Turnout”
Committee Chair: Craig Kauffman
Research Interests: elections, political parties, party systems, authoritarianism, comparative politics, European Politics, Latin American Politics, Eurasian Politics

Michael Magee
Working Dissertation: “Re-Enacting the Past: Historical Dress, Performance, and Right-Wing American Politics”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: American Political Development, American Conservatism, Republican Political Thought, Social Movements, Political Discourse and Language, Interpretive Methods and Philosophy of Social Science

Malori Musselman
Working Dissertation: “Planting Diverse Seeds: Faith-Based Environmental Action in the United States”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: Political Culture and Identities, Religion and Politics, Environmental Political Theories, Feminist Theory, Body Politics

Jessica Neafie
Working Dissertation: “Investigating the Effects of the Global Economy on Policy and Practice in Developing Countries: Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell
Research Interests: Environmental Policy, China, International Political Economy, International Development, Globalization

Kevin O’Hare
Working Dissertation: “The Troika in Europe: Explaining Variation in Responses to Austerity in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal”
Committee Chair: Craig Parson
Research Interests: International Relations, Comparative Politics, International and Comparative Political Economy, European Politics, Politics of Economic Adjustment, Politics of Financial Crises

Maxim Tyan
Working Dissertation: “Comparing Nationalism in Russia and Kazakhstan”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons
Research Interests: Post-Soviet politics, nationalism and national identity, authoritarian politics

2019-20 Placements

CPrystal Brown
Teaching Assistant Professor in the Social Science Department; Director of the Society, Policy and Technology Program, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Dissertation: “Never at Home: Immigrant Integration in Denmark and Sweden”
Committee Chairs: Jane Cramer and Daniel Tichenor

2017-18 Placements

Cary Fontana
Visiting Assistant Professor, Government Department, Franklin and Marshall College
Dissertation: “Regionalist Party Electoral Outcomes and the Supply-Side of Party Politics”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Shawna Meechan
Instructor, College of Urban & Public Affairs: Hatfield School of Government, Portland State University
Dissertation: “Building Stable Governments in Post-Ethnic Civil War Societies – The Importance of Community Policing”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Benedikt Springer
Postdoctoral Fellow, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Arizona State University
Dissertation: “Building Markets? Neoliberalism, Competitive Federalism, and the Enduring Fragmentation of the American Market”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

John Valdez
Visiting Assistant Professor, College of Wooster
Dissertation: “Building More Bombs: The Discursive Emergence of US Nuclear Weapons Policy”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer

Patrick Van Orden
Policy Analyst, Oregon Homecare Commission, State of Oregon
Dissertation: “The Foreign Policy of Revolutionary Leaders: Identity, Emotion, and Conflict Initiation”
Committee Chair: Tuong Vu

2016-17 Placements

Thibaud Henin
LTA Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Concordia University in Montreal
Dissertation: “The Strategic Use of Transnational Private Standards: Strengthening or Weakening Government Regulations?”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Gulce Tarhan Celebi
Instructor, Department of Political Science and Public Administration, Hacettepe University
Dissertation: “The Constitutional Court of Turkey from State-in-Society Perspective”
Committee Chair: Tuong Vu

2015-16 Placements

Robin Barklis
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Linfield College
Dissertation: “Together in Time: Historical Injustice, Collective Memory, and the Boundaries of Membership”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold
Research Interests: Normative Political Theory, Non-Ideal Theory, Transitional Justice, Public Memory

Lisa Beard
Assistant Professor, Department of American Politics, Western Washington University
Dissertation: “If We Were Kin: Race, Identification, and Intimate Political Appeal”
Committee Chairs: Daniel HoSang and Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: U.S. Politics, Racial Politics, Political Theory, Political Culture, Social Movements, Discourse, Gender and Sexuality Politics

Mehmet Celil Celebi
Instructor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “Contesting Democracy: A Relational Approach to the Study of Regime Change in Turkey Under the JDP Governments Until 2013”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons
Research Interests: Interpretivist Methodologies, Turkish Politics, European Politics and European Integration, Politics of Development

Meian Chen
Senior Analyst, Energy Foundation, China
Dissertation: “Seizing the Opportunity: Climate Politics in Developing Countries”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell
Research Interests: International Relations, International Environmental Politics, Climate and Energy Policies, Politics of China, Quantitative Methods (statistical analysis), International Political Economy

David Root
Assistant Professor of Political Science; University Pre-Law Advisor, University of Indianapolis; Attorney at Law – Indiana
Dissertation: “The Chief Justice: Democratic Leadership of Judicial Decision-Making in the Hidden Branch”
Committee Chair: Alison Gash

John (Jay) Steinmetz
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Fort Hays State University
Dissertation: “Reel American Creed: Race and Liberalism in Hollywood Cinema”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: American Politics, Film History, American Political Culture, Film Theory, Political Philosophy, Liberalism, Film Censorship

2014-15 Placements

Jessica Hejny
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Middle Tennessee State University
Dissertation: “Pragmatist Policymaking: Rethinking Deliberation and Experimentation in Contemporary Environmental Governance”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk
Research Interests: Environmental Politics and Policy, Public Policy, Contemporary Political Theory, American Pragmatist Philosophy

Kelley Littlepage
Instructional Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Houston
Dissertation: “Crafting International Legal Orders: Horizontal Legal Intergration and the Borrowing of Foreign Law in British Courts”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Kathryn Miller
Joint Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Politics and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies Program, Oberlin College
Dissertation: “Violence on the Periphery: Gender, Migration, and Violence Against Women in the US Context”
Committee Chair: Daniel Tichenor
Research Interests: US Politics and Public Policy, Immigration, Gender and Migration, Gendered Violence, Language Politics

Joshua Plencner
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, State University of New York – Oswego
Dissertation: “Four-Color Political Visions: Origins, Affect, and Assemblage in American Superhero Comic Books”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes
Research Interests: American Politics, Culture, and Identity; Race and Racism; Visual Culture and Methods; Political Theory; Comics Studies; Cultural Policy

Jeremy Strickler
Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and Public Service, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
Dissertation: “Between Guns and Butter: Cold War Presidents, Agenda-Setting, and Visions of National Strength”
Committee Chair: Daniel Tichenor

Nicolas Thompson
Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, University of South Florida
Dissertation: “Imagining the Fed: Central Bank Structure and United States Monetary Governance (1913 – 1968)”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2013-14 Placements

Debasis Bhattacharya
Professor, Amity University Gurugram, National Capital Region, India
Dissertation: “Legislative-Executive Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy: Continuum of Consensus and Dissension in Strategic Political Decision Process from 1970-2010”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

Jekatyerina (Katya) Dunajeva
Assistant Professor, Pázmány Péter Catholic University 
Dissertation: “‘Bad Gypsies’ and ‘Good Roma’: Constructing Ethnic and Political Identities through Education in Russia and Hungary”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Abdurrahman Pasha
Graduate Student in Social Work, Case Western University
Dissertation: “Between Conservatism and Socialism: Political Ambiguity and the Self-Help Cooperative Movement in Los Angeles, 1931-1940”
Committee Chair: Joseph Lowndes

 2012-13 Placements

Clayton Cleveland
Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, College of the Holy Cross
Dissertation: “Storming the Security Council: The Revolution in UNSC Authority Over the Projection of Military Force”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Joseph Deckert
Technical Services Manager, Epic Software
Dissertation: “Patterns of Fraud: Tools for Election Forensics”
Committee Chair: Mikhail Myagkov

Evgeniya (Jane) Lukinova
Global Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai
Dissertation: “Behavioral and Neurobehavioral Features of Sociality”
Committee Chair: Mikhail Myagkov

2011-12 Placements

Daniel Andersen
Instructor, Department of Political Science, Oregon State University
Dissertation: IFrom Deliberation to Dialogue: The Role of the I-Thou in Democratic Experience”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

2010-11 Placements

Bruno Anili
Assistant Consultant, Veredus – London
Dissertation: “Beyond Liberal Discourse: Meta-Ideological Hegemony and Narrative Alternatives”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

Edward Duggan
Assistant Professor, Tallahassee Community College
Dissertation: “The War Lobby: Iraq and the Pursuit of U.S. Primacy”
Committee Chair: Jane Cramer

Leif Hoffmann
Associate Professor, Social Sciences Division, Lewis-Clark State College
Dissertation: “Land of the Free, Home of the (Un)regulated: A Look at Market-Building and Liberalization in the EU and the US”
Committee Chair: Craig Parsons

Forrest Nabors
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Political Science, University of Alaska – Anchorage
Dissertation: “The Problem of Reconstruction: The Political Regime of the Antebellum Slave South”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2009-10 Placements

Jennifer Hehnke
Teacher, Eugene International High School
Dissertation: “The Politics of Racial Integration in the Seattle Public Schools: Discourse, Policy, and Political Change, 1954-1991”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Sean Parson
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and International Affairs, Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff
Dissertation: “An Ungovernable Force? Food Not Bombs, Homeless Activism and Politics in San Francisco, 1988-1995”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Karen Peters Van Essen
Attorney, Los Angeles, California
Dissertation: “Opacity in an Era of Transparency: The Politics of De Facto Nuclear Weapon States”
Committee Chair: Lars Skalnes

Ryan Smith
Child and Family Therapist, South Lane Mental Health Svc
Dissertation: “A Comparative Assessment of Deliberative Claims: The Health Services Commission, the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, and New Community Meetings I and II”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2008-09 Placements

Michelle Diggles
Senior Policy Advisor, Third Way
Dissertation: “Popular Response to Neoliberal Reform: The Political Configuration of Property Rights in Two Ejidos in Yucatan, Mexico”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

Steven Rothman
Associate Professor and Associate Dean, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Dissertation: “Explaining the International Agenda: Frames and Power in Politics”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Courtney Smith
Vice Consul, U.S. Department of State – U.S. Embassy to Ghana
Dissertation: “The Politics of the Marked Body: An Examination of Female Genital Cutting and Breast Implantation”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

2006-07 Placements

Dylan Bennett
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Waukesha
Dissertation: “Institutional Amplification and the Quasi-Liberal Ideological Work of Sports Talk Radio”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Jason Hartwig
Director of Education and Programming, Petersen Automotive Museum, California
Dissertation: “Flexibility, Fluidity, and Flux: Towards a Complex Theory of International Politics”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

Clinton Smith
Adjunct Instructor, Lane Community College
Dissertation: “Online Contentious Politics: Internet Use in the Dynamics of Political Change in Singapore”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Edwin Taylor
Associate Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, and Co-Director of Peace and Conflict Studies, Missouri Western State University; President Ex-Officio of Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
Dissertation: “Engendering Peace: Masculinity, Femininity, and the Good Friday Negotiations in Northern Ireland”
Committee Chair: Dennis Galvan

Qinghua (Brian) Wang
Associate Professor of Political Science, School of Sociology and Political Science, Shanghai University
Dissertation: “Higher Education Reform in Post-Mao China: Market Forces vs. Political Control”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

2005-06 Placements

Mei Jiang
Senior Manager, Infinera Corporation
Dissertation: “State Construction towards National Integration and Cultural Diversity in Modern China: A Case of Sichuan Province in the Southwest of China”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

Eric Lindgren
Senior Data Manager, Alliance for Safety and Justice
Dissertation: “Understanding the Effect of Progressive Era Electoral Reforms on City Elections: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors’ Races”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2004-05 Placements

Lada Kochtcheeva
Associate Professor, School of Public and International Affairs, North Carolina State University
Dissertation: “Institutional Requisites for Flexible Policy Instruments: Environmental Policy in the United States and Russia”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Oleg Smirnov
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Stony Brook University
Dissertation: “Formal Evolutionary Modeling and the Problems of Political Science”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

2003-04 Placements

R. Charli Carpenter
Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Dissertation: “Innocent Women and Children: Gender, Norms and the Protection of Civilians”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Robin Jacobson
Associate Professor, Department of Politics and Government, University of Puget Sound
Dissertation: “Beyond the Border: Collective Action, Citizenship and Color in Proposition 187”
Committee Chairs: Gerald Berk and Julie Novkov

Kevin Pirch
Professor and Director of General Education, Department of Political Science and International Affairs, Eastern Washington University
Dissertation: “The Others: Third Party Presidential Candidates and the Elite Print Media, 1968-2000”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

2002-03 Placements

Max Brown
Long Term Services and Supports Policy Analyst, Aging and People with Disabilities Program, Oregon Department of Human Services
Dissertation: “Trust, Power, and Workplace Democracy: A Study of Health and Safety Works Councils in Oregon”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

2001-02 Placements

Joseph Boland
Director of Application Development, Department of Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “The Cold War Legacy of Regulatory Risk Analysis: The Atomic Energy Commission and Radiation Safety”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Nandita Chaudhuri
Research Scientist, Public Policy Research Institute, Texas A&M University
Dissertation: “Colonial Legacies and the Politics of Ethnoregionalism in South Asia: The Cases of Chittagong Hill Tracts and Jharkhand Movements”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

2000-01 Placements

Jhea-Whan Hong
Director, E-Government & Soft Power Research Center, The Korea Institute of Public Administration
Dissertation: “The Puzzles of Korean Technological Development, 1960-97”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Patricia Keilbach
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Dissertation: “Domestic and International Sources of Environmental Cooperation: A Study of European Union Expansion”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

Jeffrey Schroeder
Professor, Des Moines Area Community College
Dissertation: “Recognizing that Intellectual Property Rights are Private Rights: A Political Theory of the Origin and Development of Private Intellectual Property Rights with Case Analysis of the Pacific Rim”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

Andrew Wahlstrom
Academic Advisor, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon
Dissertation: “Liberalism, Perfectionism, and Religious Community”
Committee Chair: Deborah Baumgold

Stefanie Wickstrom
Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Central Washington University
Dissertation: “The Political Ecology of Development and Indigenous Resistance in Panama and the United States: A Comparative Study of the Ngobe, Kuna, Zuni, and Skokomish Societies”
Committee Chair: Jane Dawson
New Publication

1999-00 Placements

Scott Crosson
Economist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Dissertation: “Exclusive Group Formation as a Collective Action Problem”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

James Hanley
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Adrian College
Dissertation: “The Role of Non-Cooperative Games in the Evolution of Cooperation”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

Michael Welsh
Professor, Department of Economics and Political Science, Keene State College
Dissertation: “Discursive Policy Processes and the Environment: Lessons from Case Studies of Public Range Management”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

1998-99 Placements

Stuart Shulman
Founder and CEO of Texifter, LLC; Inventor of DiscoverText and Sifter; Research Associate Professor, Textifier
Dissertation: “The Origin of the Federal Farm Loan Act: Agenda-Setting in the Progressive Era Print Press”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Paul Thiers
Associate Professor, School of Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Washington State University – Vancouver
Dissertation: “Green Food: The Political Economy of Organic Agriculture in China”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

1997-98 Placements

Marcella Becker
Business Owner, Germany
Dissertation: “From Historical Dislocation to a Politics of Totality: A Comparative Case Study”
Committee Chair: Priscilla southwell

Ronald Helms
Professor, Department of Sociology, Western Washington University
Dissertation: “The Politics of Felony Sentencing: An Empirical Analysis of County-Level Determinants”
Committee Chair: David Jacobs

Andrew Milton
Teacher of Primary/Secondary Education
Dissertation: “Institutional Change and Continuity in post-Communist East Central Europe: Why are the News Media Still Dependent?”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

David Waguespack
Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization, University of Maryland
Dissertation: “The Effect of Decision Context on Organizational Risk Management: A Model of Superfund Site Decisions”
Committee Chair: Richard Suttmeier

1996-97 Placements

Yali Peng
Retired Director at KPMG China – Management Consulting
Dissertation: “Smoke and Power: The Political Economy of Chinese Tobacco”
Committee Chair: Richard Kraus

Joel Rast
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science; Director of Urban Studies, Center for Economic Development, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Dissertation: “Contested Terrain: Downtown Redevelopment, Industrial Displacement, and Regime Change in Chicago, 1955-1996”
Committee Chair: Gerald Berk

Stan Taylor
Instructor, Department of Political Science, Lane Community College
Dissertation: “Fractal Politics: Nonlinear Thresholds to Democratic Action in the Postmodern Era”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

John Tullius
Intelligence Chair, Department of Defense Analysis at the Naval Post GradauteSchool
Dissertation: “Environmental Groups as Catalysts for Political Liberalization in Authoritarian Societies: Bulgaria and Taiwan During the 1980s”
Committee Chair: Ronald Mitchell

1995-96 Placements

David Schlosberg
Payne-Scott Professor and Director, Sydney Environment Institutue, University of Sydney
Dissertation: “Diversity, Action, and Participation in the US Environmental Movement: The Case for a Critical Pluralism”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

1994-95 Placements

Jeff Berejikian
Associate Professor, Department of International Affairs, University of Georgia
Dissertation: “The Gains Debate: Framing State Choice”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

David Carruthers
Professor, Department of Political Science, San Diego State University
Dissertation: “The Political Ecology of Indigenous Mexico: Social Mobilization and State Reform”
Committee Chair: John Dryzek

Marcy Everest
Professor, Department of Political Science, South Florida State College
Dissertation: “New Institutional and Environmental Policy: An Analysis of Congressional Structure and Policy Content”
Committee Chair: Priscilla Southwell

Matthew Mulford
Affiliate Professor at HEC-Paris; Senior Research Fellow at The London School of Economics; and Visiting Faculty at the European School of Management and Technology – Berlin
Dissertation: “Expectations and Shifting Values in Dilemma Interactions”
Committee Chair: John Orbell

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