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Geoff Kennedy

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  • Title: Instructor
  • Phone: 541-346-2874
  • Office: 371 PLC
  • Office Hours: (S17) Wk1-Finals_M: 10-Noon
  • Affiliated Departments: Political Science
  • Interests: European Studies, European Development, Contentious Politics, Labor Movements, Anti-Austerity Movements, Mediterranean Europe
  • Website: Website
  • Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. (Political Science) York University, Toronto, Canada.

M. A. (Political Science) York University, Toronto, Canada.

B. A. (Political Science) University of Waterloo, Waterlo, Canada.


Dr. Kennedy is the author of Diggers, Levellers, and Agrarian Capitalism: Radical Political Thought in Seventeenth Century England (2008), a study that looks at the emergence of grassroots movements in opposition to the development of agrarian capitalism in early modern England. His current research examines the impact of the Eurozone crisis on the countries of Southern Europe. In particular, he is interested in the impact of austerity on labor movements in Southern Europe, as well as the rise of anti-austerity movements and radical democratic challenges to the embedded neo-liberalism of the European Union, such as Syriza in Greece, the 5 Star Movement in Italy, Podemos in Spain and the Left Bloc in Portugal.

He is currently working on a book manuscript that examines the contested process of embedding neoliberalism in Greece in the context of the Eurozone Crisis. His most recent publication, titled 'Embedding Neoliberalism in Greece: The Transformation of Collective Bargaining and Labour Market Policy during the Eurozone Crisis,' is forthcoming in the journal Studies in Political Economy.


  • INTL 260: Culture, Capitalism and Globalization 
  • INTL 407/507: Development and Social Change in Europe 
  • PS 321: Introduction to Political Economy 
  • PS 323: European Politics 


Recent Publications:

‘Embedding Neoliberalism in Greece: Collective Bargaining and Labour Market Policy During the Eurozone Crisis,’ Studies in Political Economy 97: 3 (2016: 253-269).

Under Review

'De-democratization and Market Colonization: The Political Dynamics of Structural Reform in Greece, 1996-2015,' South European Society and Politics.

‘Empires and Republics in the History of Political Thought:  A Socio-Historical Approach to Contextualizing International Political Theory,’ Millennium – Journal of International Studies.

‘Hayek against the Republicans:  Problematic Interventions in the Debates on Republican Liberty,’ Contemporary Political Theory.


Diggers, Levellers and Agrarian Capitalism: Radical Political Thought in Seventeenth Century England (Lexington Books 2008).

Refereed Journal Articles:

‘Cicero, Roman Republicanism and the Contested Meaning of Libertas,’ Political Studies 62: 3 (2014), 488-501.

'Free Men, Free Labour and Republican Discourses of Liberty in Early Modern England,' Contributions to the History of Concepts 8: 2 (2013).

‘Capitalism and Contextualization in C. B. Macpherson’s The Political Theory of Possessive Individualism,’ Journal of Intellectual History and Political Thought, 1: 1 (October 2012), 228-251.

‘The ‘Republican Dilemma’ and the Changing Social Context of Republicanism in the Early Modern Period,’ The European Journal of Political Theory, 8: 3 (July 2009), 313-338.

‘Republican Discourses and Imperial Projects: Empire and Liberty in American Political Discourse,’ Spectrum:  Journal of Global Studies 1: 1 (April 2009), 53-68.

‘Digger Radicalism and Agrarian Capitalism,’ Historical Materialism 14: 3 (Fall 2006), 112-143.

‘State, Civil Society and Social Context in Hegel’s Philosophy of Right,’ Problematique 8 (Fall 2002), 56-77.

Book Chapters:

‘Senatus Populusque Romanus against the Demos: Roman Republicanism versus Athenian Democracy,’ in Athenian Legacies: European Debates on Citizenship, Leo Olschki Publishers: Florence (2014), 69-94.

‘Radicalism and Revisionism in the English Civil War,’ in M. Haynes and J. Wolfreys, eds., History and Revolution:Refuting Revisionism (London:  Verso Publishers, 2007), 25-50.

Review Essays:

‘Citizens to Lords: A Review Essay.’ Historical Materialism 19: 1 (2011), 304-318.

‘Reflections on Political Theory,’ Historical Materialism 14: 3 (Fall 2006), 314-329.


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