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What is Politics?

Politics is the making of collective decisions. It is an inescapable part of our lives, like health: just as you can have good or bad health (but never no health), so politics around you can be good or bad but is never absent. It operates across all aspects of your life: from international affairs, to federal, state, and local government, to business, to universities, to all sorts of other arenas.

Understanding the dynamics of politics, and how to make them serve you, is a critical element of understanding and shaping your own life.

Why major or minor in political science?

The major or minor in political science teaches you how collective decisions are made—and how you can have a role in them—across all the arenas of your life. Our program prioritizes a concrete skill set of critical thinking, analytic and writing abilities, and sharp communication.

This skill set and knowledge base leads graduates into a huge range of careers in government, law, political activism, international affairs, business, journalism, social-studies teaching, or organizational management.

Interested in learning more? Find additional information about our Major and Minor, or discuss academic plans with an Academic Advisor!

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