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Honors Program

Why should you undertake the challenge of writing an honors thesis?

Graduating with honors tells future employers and educators that you have undertaken a major research project with minimal guidance from faculty and followed it through to the end. It shows that you can do more than follow instructions and do well on bluebook examinations; it attests to your critical and organizational abilities in a convincing way.

Introduction to the PS Honors Program

Honors Program Eligibility

Minimum Class Standing:  Junior –  90.00 credits earned or more.

Minimum GPA Requirements:  PS Major GPA: 3.70  –  UO GPA: 3.50


The Honors Program spans from the Spring term of a student’s Junior year to the Spring term of their Senior year. GPA minimums must be maintained to participate.

The department will hold an information session during Spring term. Details are to be announced via the PS majors email list.

Students who successfully complete a Political Science Honors Thesis may have their thesis nominated by their faculty advisor for the Philo Sherman Bennett Prize. This $750 prize is awarded to the writer of an exemplary political science honors thesis and is announced at the Honors Reception.

Ready to Get Started?

Review the program timeline: Honors Program Timeline and Agreement

The first step is to submit the PS Honors Program: Intent to Enroll form by Friday, Finals week of Spring term. The department office will check your eligibility after spring grades are submitted.


Past Bennett Prize Winning Theses

Check-out stories featuring past honors students here and here.

Questions? Send an email to or visit the department office.

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