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As a Political Science major, you can pursue a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. Lower-division courses at the 100 and 200 levels are introductory, setting foundations for the major. Upper-division courses at the 300 level develop skills and are usually offered in lecture format. Our 400 level courses generally offer smaller, more advanced and specialized opportunities to refine skills.

Students are encouraged to pick Career Paths, to guide them through courses and toward career objectives. PS Majors may be awarded up to two Career Path Certificates of Completion upon graduation. Find details on the Career Paths webpage.

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PS Major Requirements

BA 4-Year Plan

BS 4-Year Plan

In addition to the major requirements, undergraduates must also satisfy university requirements for a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree, including area of inquiry and cultural literacy requirements, as described on the Registrar’s Office website. Many political science courses simultaneously satisfy university and major requirements.

Declare the Major

Current UO students can declare the Political Science major at any time.There are no departmental prerequisites for students who wish to declare. New declarations are generally processed within four weeks of submission. Click HERE to declare.

Initial Degree Review

An Initial Degree Review will be completed during the first term that a student is enrolled as a PS Major. The department will review completed and transferred coursework, then email the student with details of the review. The department aims to email students prior to registration for the subsequent term. Exceptions for coursework that is transferred or completed prior to declaration may only be granted during the Initial Degree Review. Students should contact the department if they have not received this email prior to course registration for their second term as a PS Major.

Courses transferred after the Initial Degree Review will be applied to requirements by UO Transfer Articulation and will not receive automatic review by the department.

Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer to the university should take the basic introductory political science courses offered at their current institution. To best match UO PS requirements, students should take two 100 level and two 200 level, if possible. At least 20 credits in upper-division graded political science courses must be completed in residence at the University of Oregon to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

It is important for students to ensure that transcripts are sent in advance of the Initial Degree Review (see above). View the Office of the Registrar Transfer Student webpage for mailing instructions and transfer course equivalencies.

Courses transferred after the Initial Degree Review will be applied to requirements by UO Transfer Articulation and will not receive automatic review by the department.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

Students who would like to earn a second bachelor’s degree or a second or double major in political science must complete 48 credits in political science, as outlined in the Major Requirements above. Students who are considering a second bachelor’s degree and have prior political science credits should consult with an Academic Advisor, as some prior political science credits may not be applicable to a second bachelor’s degree.


Looking to learn more? Discuss your academic plans with an Academic Advisor.

Trying to drop the major? We are sad to see you go! Please complete this online form.

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