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As a Political Science major, you can pursue a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree. Students explore a wide breadth of fields including U.S. Politics, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Political Theory. Specific courses are “writing intensive” to help cultivate your critical reasoning skills and better prepare you for the real world.

There are no departmental prerequisites for students who wish to declare a Political Science major.

Students are encouraged to pick Career Paths, to guide them through courses and toward career opportunities.

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PS Major Requirements

PS Major Requirement Flowchart

Degree Worksheet

BA 4-Year Plan ; BS 4-Year Plan

In addition to the major requirements, undergraduates must also satisfy university requirements for a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree, including group and multicultural requirements, as described on the Registrar’s Office website. Many political science courses simultaneously satisfy university and major requirements.

 Transfer Students

Students planning to transfer to the university from two-year colleges should take the basic introductory political science courses offered at those institutions. At least 20 credits in upper-division graded political science courses must be completed in residence at the University of Oregon to qualify for a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Transfer students must meet subfield requirements.

If transfer credits for a  course did not automatically count toward degree and/or subfield requirements, students may submit an Undergraduate Transfer Credit Request with supporting documentation. Requests will be evaluated by the Undergraduate Advisor. We suggest that transfer students complete this process within their first term at UO, so that they can better understand the courses they need to graduate.

Second Bachelor’s Degree

Students who would like to earn a second bachelor’s degree or a second or double major in political science must complete 48 credits in political science, as outlined in the Major Requirements above. Students who are considering a second bachelor’s degree and have prior political science credits should consult with the Undergraduate Advisor, as some prior political science credits may not be applicable to a second bachelor’s degree.

Additional Resources

  • Did you declare a PS major prior to Fall 2012?  Follow these Program Requirements.
  • Did you declare a PS major between Fall 2012 and Summer 2017? Follow these Program Requirements
  • Trying to drop the major? We are sad to see you go! Please complete this online form.

Looking to learn more? Discuss your academic plans with our PS Advisors.


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